Monday, 13 February 2012


Been really busy in the last 3 weeks re-launching my fashion store with my best friend wini and if you remember I even showed you a sneak pic of the clothes hence the lack of blogging. 
But with the grammy's taking place now just had to show you this picture of rihanna wearing her own design in collaboration with armani. One word: stunning. I love the bare back and the slit at the front it just oozes sex appeal, however not to keen on the hair. The shoes are so amazing, if you look closely they are see through till the tip. If this is part of her new collection for armani can't wait to see the full collection since i was one of those skeptical ones who thought another singer thinking they can be a fashion designer. 

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  1. I was absolutely obsessed with this look when Rhianna hit the red carpet. It's stunning. Makes me want to find a similar gown and accessories to keep in my wardrobe for any upcoming weddings or black tie events. :-)