Friday, 11 November 2011

DIY: How to make a belt from ribbon garland.

Christmas is upon us with the number of christmas decorations in the shops and the christmas trees being sold in numbers I decided to do early christmas shopping and upon doing so I found this ribbon garland at primark for 1£. Light bulb moment i then decided to make a belt to go with this lovely dress i found at river island for 20£ from 50£ for christmas.

You will need ribbon garland, scissors, snap fasteners, tape measure, needle and thread.

Measure your waist with the tape measure then roll out the ribbon and cut to the measured size.

Take your snap fasteners and sew them on the end sides of the ribbon.

Once your done just stick the two sides together and voila you have your belt.

and the final look.Can't show you the full dress yet but will soon. Dont look at my hair yes i know its need to be done hahaha and no make up also!!!


  1. thanks. i love the bangles on your site, must order some!!

  2. love it...saw you over at fashion bomb. keep going this is how it happens.