Friday, 4 November 2011

Color Influx

 Went shopping in town and had actually carried a clutch bag but when i saw this bag i had to buy it. It came in so many varried colours like, pink, blue and white but i especially loved this trio of colors. I took this picture at the car park while hunting for home things at Marks and Spencer.

Dress: West Coast
Shoes & Necklace: Primark
Bag: Market
Cardigan: New Look


  1. Gorgeous dress! The yellow belt is PERFECT with it!

  2. I love the outfit, the bag is pretty stunning too!

  3. I need this dress in my life, saw your blog somewhere thought I would come by and say hi!! please feel free to come by my spot anytime, if you like what you see follow or leave a comment.

  4. Just found your page through fashionbombdaily and you are quite the fashionista! Just subbed! Love this look by the way!


  5. the dress is gorgeous on you.

  6. thank you guys for the lovely comments.