Tuesday, 18 October 2011

DIY - The Tuxedo Jacket

Want to make this, read on!!!

So this is my first DIY blog post. The jacket was as below originally. It was from HnM for 15£ on sale.

with the help of needle and thread and some satin material which cost £4.50 a metre and left plent over to make a skirt!!

 and final result was

which was seen on the last post as below!!

Which is a little cheaper than the next one at 55£


  1. Oh my goodness I absolutely love it!And it looks so easy, can't wait to try it out myself

  2. Love it!!!!! congrats with your first diy!!! :)

  3. I absolutely love it, such a great idea! xo

  4. Stunning Michelle! found your blog into the diy group on ifb and i'm your new follower!
    feel free to stop by my blog as well ;)

  5. aww thanks donatella, i've also gone through your blog and i love the contrast sleeves post. found a new diy blog to follow!!!

  6. hey beingzhenya love your blog too for the inner blog hero the pics were so funny!!

  7. woo.. that is such a great idea!! Cool work..

    Thank you for joining my group on IFB.. Ive now followed you on twitter.

    Look forward to more posts from you.