Monday, 27 June 2011

Whirlwind of Love.

Am back i think i've said that like twice. In the last 3 weeks i think i have travelled more in the UK than in the last 3 years i've been here because boyfriend flew from Kenya to the UK just to visit me. I mean could i ask for a better boyfriend and then suddenly i was sick the whole first week he was here, not cool. Am talking bout vomiting, layin in bed the whole day and he was so cool feeding me soup yet it was meant to be his holiday but got better after 3 trips to the GP and one to the infirmary and caught back on the holiday. So i have loads of pics to show you of all the places we went too and i hope i did him justice. We went to 6 cities thats London, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield in 2wks. Clocked at least 10hrs on national express and eaten so much food boyfriend gained 5kgs in just those 20days. But it was awesome and here are the pics. I should learn how to blog on the go but got caught up in the whirlwind of love.
This set of pics is from liverpool, we went to see my sister's boyfriend as he lives there and the city is so pretty with amazing scenery. We both hadnt noticed that we both wore the same colours in our outfits and same hats, so cute!!

The docks at Liverpool, so windy!!!
Boyfriend thought he was a lion!!!

Captain and his lady (Boyfriend's Words)

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