Saturday, 14 May 2011

What would have been VOGUE AFRICA

Of course we know Vogue Africa was rejected last year but I still love the covers which were taken by Mario Epanya. The covers are beautiful and it would have been lovely to have vogue africa. There are those who believe that the photographer should have put a stronger case forward or that Africa does not need to quantify itself in the fashion world by having its own Vogue. Click Here to read Mario's interview about the whole Vogue Issue.
I came across an interesting article Click Here which though was done four years ago you cant help but think i mean really think. Its from the racialious blog and i want you to read it so i wont summarise what the article is about so you can all deduce  your opinions. Click Here to view another article also which too was very interesting.
Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on what should have happened with Vogue Africa but i choose to admire the covers as fashion is all what it is about.

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