Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dinner Party

Yes i know this is to be a fashion blog but was htinking things change interests are varried and could other parts to it like a party tab. Anyway besides all this rumbling i've been carried away looking at homes especially at even boyfriend became addicted to it.
Why all this you ask? Well boyfriend is moving out next year and since hs in Kenya we decided to buy things from Britain coz well its cheaper and much more variety. So we began with the dining and was looking for table setting inspiration since i love to entertain. Been up and down at Marks and Spencer buying champagne flutes been to wilkinson, Argos, laura Ashley you name it and found pretty good bargain 1£ wine glasses but oh so fantastic wont show you just yet hehe.For example the lantern in the last picture the red ones are 89p at wilkinson and u just need string to hang them from the ceiling, How cool!!! I think we have furnished the whole dining with just 70£ thats including pots n pans, glasses, plates, cutlery, bakeware the whole shebeng!!!!!
But here are some of the table setting that inspired me.

This is my dining at home still a work in progress but i love it

Here are some websites you should check out if you just want to stare at beautiful food/ or like me just love hosting and want ideas. has the best pictures of table settings!!!! has the best ideas for hosting!!!!

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