Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crave: Satchels

I thought every wednesday i could do a post call crave about what am craving to have, whether its clothes or bags or shoes and today i started. So today's post is to do with satchels and boy am i not craving to have one. They are eye candy and for somebody who already has upto 20bags this will feel right into the collection. I especially love the neon pop colors as there are other colors but want neon for summer. I just need to feel better (feeling a little ill) and go hunting for a good priced one. Asos have theirs at 44pounds the cheapest and i know primark do some really good versions.I've put links under the pics so you can go to their websites and view them.

kaleidoscope satchel Click Here

Neon Green Click Here

Yellow Satchel Click Here

Arent they just beautiful!!!!!

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