Monday, 18 April 2011

MIWI SHOOT: Behind the Scenes

This was done yesterday and I was so excited even though i was late to the photoshoot while wini was early.  I loved the photographer (Sammy) he made the models and us feel so comfortable. We were photoshoot virgins but he made us feel like we had been doing it forevor which just made it so much more fun and enjoyable.
We did the shoot at my house,we were going for glamorous clothes in places you would never expect to see them in. We utilised the bridge, rocks,construction site and the river. It was so exciting and cant wait to do the next photoshoot for the next collection.
Here are the behind the scenes photos. Keep reading to see some of the photoshoot photos in the next post. Have a blessed day!!!

one of my favourite shots!!!!
wini trying her KNTM (Kenya's next top model) poses
sheila in the vines!!!!
looking at the pictures shot to okay them.
the models in the vines of construction!!!!
thinking of the next poses the models should do hmm!!
capturing memories on the galaxy tab!!
MIWI overseeing the shot!!
sammy taking me a picture as i take a picture, amazing!!
boyfriend dint even realise we were taking him a picture, i hear model!!
even models have to answer important calls!!!

end of photoshoot for sheila!!!
its hard work walking up and down the mini hill!!!
wini adjusting her boots for the shoot!!!!
My dog rex just had to be in the picture!!

watching the models!!!!

rex had to appear again but he cute!!!!
wonder what she was thinking about!!!!!
got to adjust the clothes on location!!!
We warned her she may fall!!!!
Models off duty  and boyfriend seems bored!!!
its nice when models also give directions it helps!!!

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