Saturday, 5 March 2011

Samantha Cole

    This is one of my favourite african designers. Samantha cole who is nigerian is actually based in London. She has received Best womenswear designer at NY fashionweek for her Spring/Summer 09 collection and has continued to present us with strong clothes.
     She reminds me of Aleqander Mqqueen and I do know he is a legend whom no one can reach but to me her clothes are reminiscent of him. Her photoshoots are very edgy and the woman who wears her clothes needs to be strong, have confidence and basically doesnt give a damn what people say about her.
I love her responses for what inspires her in her designers and for one of her collections it was Kate Beckinsale in Underworld and Tina Turner in Madmax. She is also inspired by Geometric Architecture which is so amazing thus the various shapes and textured fabrics.She loves to praise the womans power, strength, courage and feminity ( her own words).
    When i looked at her website i was totally in awe of her creations you just have to have a look yourself to fully appreciate her clothes Click Here.


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