Thursday, 3 March 2011

Resort 2011: Holiday Fashion

I love resort fashion. Its clothes you want to wear like if your going on holiday maybe for a cruise or in st.tropez or cannes. my holiday is always kenya. I love Kenya and whenever i come for holiday i love to go shopping and picking pieces that will change from day to night easily and face it who doesent like dressing up during holidays.
I began to look through resort fashion shows and my favourite was Salvatore Feragamo. I loved the mix of colours such as orange, white, purple and every ladies favourite the LBD. The dresses ranged from one shouldered to a shirt dress to nautical. It was simple things like adding skinny belts to the dresses and minimalist accessories that made the clothes stand out. The shoes were made to match with either the belt or the handbag matched with the clothes colours. Even the fact that the same shoes were used in all the outfits showed how you dont need millions of shoes for each look just a nice pair. Even you can add your twist with black shoes.
Another look am also dying to try is the black suit. The trouser is so fitted the jacket is short and paired with a white shirt i think this is goin to be my new cocktail look so off to the shops!!!!!! ( will let you know what i find).
I love the shorts teamed with a sheer blouse. Never been too much of a shorts person except i just bought this lace cocktail ones which i love looking for the perfect blouse then i'll show it to you guys in the next post coming today.
Any person can look good in these pieces you just need to make sure the cut is right and fits you well , not too tight not too loose.

 I love involving my mum in the holiday looks becuase she has all these functions she attends like in mombasa. I love styling her for the holiday becuase she sometimes has no idea what to wear and I love to show her pieces i know she would never dream of wearing. Here she is with a top I thought was lovely and flattered her so well paired with gold shoes and my clutch, accessories are always key. I think she looks amazing!!!!

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