Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Festival Time

Now we all know festival season is goin to be upon soon but has already began in other countries and like with previous posts where we know beyonce is headlining glastonbury am really looking forward to it. Festival dresssing is the most down to earth dressing but also the coolest. Their is mud everywhere, drinking and no showering unless u wantto queu for hours which everybody should yes guys even u should. There are festival staples like the wellies, biker jacket, the headbands even the rain coat. Last year i was ill prepared for festivals but this year am coming out guns blazing and decided to show you guys my lust have for festivals. In all the looks you will see mascara and eye liner because i wouldnt necesarily cake myself in make up at a festival maybe if i had an RV but nope i dont haha. And of course heels are a no no of course becuase there will be mud (not all the time) and you have to keep fresh with the deo and perfume.
You guys too can do your own stlying at http://www.shopstyle.co.uk/  and share with others. Am addicted to it and also seeing other people's looks!!!


Am a Rock Star

Not everyhting has to be black so for my own tastes i added a ptint playsuit and some print bangles and not the usual studs you would find with a biker look.

Ray-Ban, Paco Rabanne, Quiz, 3 Custom Color

Floral Shmoral

I did florals upon a floral bag its time to have fun nothing has to be matchy matchy.

Topshop, Laura Mercier, People Tree, Deepa Gurnani


Cant wait to go festival to show you guys my looks but thats like 2 months away but it will be awesome!!!!!

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