Tuesday, 22 March 2011


My other half was looking for bedding for his room and it got me thinking about my room and especially my wardrobe. All women love clothes but when it comes to the closet hmmm it invloves hours of digging for the dress you think you saw last week or items getting lost. We are 3 sisters in our family all with a penchant for clothes so you can imagine how big our closets are and how i would love to have a wa;k in wardrobe. So i began looking through celebrity closets and what i wish i would do if i had the cash like a celebrity. for startes my shoe closet would rival that of Jessica Alba's haha cant reveal shoe count!!!! But the first things i would do when i get my own house is constuct me the perfect closet and maybe put a mini bar like kimora's ( nope doubt it).  Mariah's closet however does make me cry boo hoo. Well i can dream cant i?

Tamara Mellon
Jessica Alba
Mariah Carey
Kimora Lee Simons
Eva Longoria
Rachel Zoe
Olivia Palermo
Christina Aguilera

Or be innovative and make a shoe closet out of a book case. Think about it, take a general book case with the shelves and just put ur shoes in it you could colour the book case if you want it costs little to buy a paint brush. Look at this one below!! It costs 70 pounds from IKEA or if you can do so look for cheaper bookcases like in second hand furniture shops, it doesnt have to be this big you can buy two smaller ones and just place them side by side. Now to remove all these books from my shelf hahaha!!!

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