Thursday, 24 March 2011

Black & White

Today's look is all about black and white. I bought this shirt for my boyfriend but after pairing it with the wet look leggings i think am going to keep it for myself sorry babe ;-) . I bought the necklace in new york at bryant park when i went to see my sister and its always been my favourite statement necklace. The shoes are new look. I love the overall look!!!
Half of the look is from my own collection and half is for the new collection am going to feature in Kenya soon ( the leggings,earings and bracelet and another shirt) so yeah its kind of a sneak peak hope they like it!!!


  1. go buy your own shirt.. thats mine!! talk about the messenger stealing the package :-) but you look amazing babe

  2. i will buy my own!!!! thanks babe.

  3. Looove this outfit! Your shoes are gorgeous.


  4. I love the shoes. That shirt looks better on you. KEEP IT! Xssy