Thursday, 3 March 2011

Arise Magazine Show 2011

 Arise magazine fashion show which is taking place on 10-13th of march 2011 in Lagos Nigeria has just confrimed big names such as Tinie Tempah, Keri Hilson and Estelle not forgeting Dbanj, Naeto C. Nice to see tinie tempah perfom for his first time in Nigeria his home country.

They have also released the schedule which is full of Nigerian designers as well as International designers and a few other designers from Africa.

I was just not pleased to see no designer from Kenya. I know we have good fashion houses in Kenya but it seems none of them has made a mark in international shows such as cape town fashion week. I did appreciate the effort made by Swahili Fashion week opening up the show to other designers from other parts of Africa.

By no means am i saying that there are too many nigerian designers, they make good clothes which are modern and do have a bigger platform than other countries in their fashion weeks but I would have liked to see more diversity from Arise Magazine fashion week by including more designers from Africa such as Michelle Ludek from Cape Town or other designers from Kenya.

Here is the full schedule.

March 10 2011
Collective Show
Nkwo (Nigeria/UK)
House of Nwocha (Nigeria)
Kiki Kamanu (Nigeria/USA)
Grey (Nigeria) Show
Jewel by Lisa (Nigeria)
Kluk CGDT (South Africa)
Closing Music Acts
Naeto C & Darey Art-Alade

March 11 2011
Group Show
Kemkemstudio (Nigeria)
Autumn Adeigbo (Nigeria/USA)
Madam Wokies Couture (Sierra Leone)
Viv La Resistance (Nigeria)
Double Show
Christie Brown (Ghana)
Buki Akib (Nigeria/UK)
Group Show
Samantha Cole (Nigeria/UK)
Mustafa Hassanali (Tanzania)
Korto Momolu (Liberia/US)
Bridget Awosika (Nigeria)
Double Show
Amine Bendriouich (Morocco)
Okunoren Twins (Nigeria)
Gavin Rajah (South Africa)
Ituen Basi (Nigeria)
Tiffany Amber (Nigeria)
Closing Music Acts
Keri Hilson & Friends

March 12 2011
Group Show
Nikki Khiran (Nigeria)
Anne Marie Addo (Ghana)
Vonne (Nigeria)
Eki Orleans (Nigeria/UK)
Group Show
Mimi Plange (Ghana/USA)
Bestow Elan (Ethiopia)
Ejiro Amos Tafiri (Nigeria)
Jo Black Craze (Nigeria/UK)
Double Show
Chichia London (Tanzania/UK)
Gert-Johan Coetzee (South Africa)
Double Show
Maki Oh (Nigeria/UK)
Tsemaye Binite (Nigeria/UK)
Alexander Amosu (Nigeria/UK)
Bunmi Koko (Nigeria/UK)
Double Show
Ere Dappa (Nigeria)
Odio Mimonet (Nigeria)
Group Show
Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi (Nigeria)
Laquan Smith (US)
Saheed Sulaiman (Nigeria)
Deola Sagoe (Nigeria)
Closing Music Acts
Estelle & D’banj

March 13 2011
Group Show
Kastle Designs & Treasure Chest (Ghana/USA)
Zedeye (Nigeria/UK)
Re Bahia (Nigeria/UK)
Toju Foyeh (Nigeria)
Double Show
Pierre Antoni Vettorello (Belgium/Ghana)
Angelo Von Mol (Belgium/Ivory Coast)
Double Show
Maatano (Somalia/USA)
Ron & Ron (USA)
Lola Faturoti (USA)
B-Side by Wale Adeyemi (Nigeria/UK)
Xuly Bet (Mali/France)
ARISE Magazine Fashion Week Awards
Black Coffee (South Africa)
Closing Music Act
Tinie Tempah

 Her are some pictures of some of the designers previous collections and i've added links for you to visit their website next to their names so just click as it says.

Deola Sagoe -  Nigeria  Click Here
Samantha Cole - Nigeria/UK Click Here

Chichia - Tanzania/UK Click Here

Laquan Smith - USA Click Here
Kluk cdgt - South Africa Click Here
Mimi Plange -  Ghana/USA  Click Here

Bestow Elan - Ethiopia  Click Here

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