Sunday, 6 March 2011

African Theme: Sass & Bide

    I had this post drafted but forgot to post it during my african theme week but anyway i can still post it ;-)
    Sass and Bide ( Heidi Middleton & Sarah-Jane Clark) described their fall 2011 collection as a fall warrior who was roaming the globe. I found that very interesting as their collection was more spring for me than fall. Their clothes were something you would wear in the heat rather than the cold. Nonetheless i loved the use of the zebra print on the jumpsuit, the kikoy draped around the zebr aprint dress and fastned with a metallic belt, the influence of south africa by the use of the hats the models wore, the necklaces which they said were enamel feathers and lastly the tie dye fabrics which they themselves said they borrowed from african motifs.
      It was the fusion of tie dye with block colours that made it awesome who kew tye dye could be cool again!!!

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