Thursday, 17 February 2011

World's Most Expensive Handbag

      Suddenly i had found i have this fascination with all things bling ( i know i sound corny haha) i guess its becuase of the awards ceremonies and all the actresses wearing diamonds worth one million pounds or the engagement rings being shown off everywhere. The fascination with diamonds or other types of jewellery i think has always been there with loads of celebrities having engagement rings worth alot and with beyonce's being the highest at half a million dollars. Anyway today was the showing of the world's most expensive handbag.

       Trust me i love handbags, between me and my sisters we have over 50 handbags in our house we could open a shop. If i could buy a hermes i so would but the bag above beats a hermes by over 10 times. It costs 3.8 million US dollars and is handcrafted from 18kt gold, incorporates 4,517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless) with a total weight of 381.92 carats. 
     Now that's what i call a designer bag!!!

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