Thursday, 24 February 2011

See Africa Differently.

You know the way we africans or people who live in africa then come abroad to the west (America and cananda) or to europe hate the way we are sometimes potrayed on tellly. All you sometimes usually see about Africa on telly are the war, poverty, the charity adverts for Aid, the pollution or eve how sometimes people say i would love to see Africa not knowing that africa is made up of 53 countries which sometimes get your blood boilin. Am not trying to be an activist but just expressing my views or even those of others now to get to the point of this post.

When i was going through glamour magazine and looking at pics of british celebreities trekking in Kenya for Comic Relief UK i saw they had this link for a website called 'See Africa Differently'.

I thought that this was amazing. we are tired of seeing war struck countries or poverty we have beaches , wildlife and great people with amazing culture and food. We just dont want to here about africa when celebrities go to climb mt kilimanjaro to raise money we want to hear good things.

So Click Here to go to the website and upload your own videos or pictures about how you see your Africa, be proud to be African.

Here is our africa
Night club in Uganda

Malls in south africa

Nigerian Print

Beach in Mombasa

Mount Kilimanjaro
Love Africa!!!!!

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