Friday, 18 February 2011

Modern Day Suits

             You know when i look at fashion shows i love to look at things that i know i can wear daily. I may not be able to afford 1000£ handbag but i love shows which i can take ideas from and go to the local department store and try to recreate in my own style. the one outfit i loved at New York fashion week was the suits. There were so many different interprations of it, the colours were kept to the usual black, sleek white but there were also burgundys and reds. I began watching new york fashion as soon as they began and now have a more keen interest because I have so many meetings to attend with corporate companies and thus want to look professional. Am sure many of you are in the same situation also working and are tired of the bland black suit.
         What i would suggest is look for a tailor who can make them for you, it may be costly but your assured once the fit is right you have a suit for life all you will need is accessories to interchange the looks.

1. The black suit

The rachel zoe suit is one of my favourite ones as i love the cigarrete pants which reach the ankles and i love the hermes one which should be worn with a white crisp shirt and even the same belt but not the top haha!!!

Rachel Zoe

Another thing with the Black suit is you can take of the jacket and add a white jacket or any other colour jacket or even a blouse like below it doesnt have to match but you will still look elegant and professional. It shows her versatile the black trousers are and how to recreate various looks by investing in blouses.

Jason Wu
Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

An alternative to the colour black i love (Michael Kors) the length of this jacket, the wide leg trousers and the shirt such an amazing look.

Nicole Miller
Michael Kors

 3. The White Suit

One of the most luxurious colours to wear as a suit it just brings out some elegance more than a black suit for me personally.

Tory Burch

4. The Beige Suit
This colour just looks amazing on any skin tone. Loved the military style jacket on rachel zoe's piece ( should make a note to ask my tailor or future taylor to make me a jacket like this one)

Stella Mcartney
Rachel Zoe

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