Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Lesso

Seeing how i did a piece last time on Kenya i decided to run witht the Kenyan theme, and what better fashion comes from kenya like the Lesso. Yes i know in december there were loads of articles in the papers about new and different designs of the Lesso. However why now were women all of a sudden interested in wearing locally made fabric. The Lesso has been there for ages God knows it way older than little old me. Who hasnt heard of La Lesso founded by two white women ( not to be racial of course) and how they have taken it all over the fashion world featuring in Elle, Cosmopolitan, being worn by celebrities such as Adelle.

Of course this started the Intellectual Property debate amongst lawyers about who owns the Lesso and so forth and that the whole thing shhould not have been allowed to happen. But what we are forgetting is they had the initiative to take it further and even after they did so its only till recently that we are embracing wearing prints in our closets.   

Designers at Gucci recently even used the Nigerian print on their kanga's to make spring/summer clothes as the picture shows.
A designer like Roberto Cavalli is known for making leopard print dresses, the best actually yet its always fresh and new each time. now you can imagine what you can do with over 20 different designs of kanga.

I have a friend who's mum makes the most beautiful maxi dresses with lesso material and always thought i could pull an Omawumi and wear it to an event such as cocktail party or even use a strip and add to an LBD to make it fresh as the pic aside. A clever design to be worn to any event for me minus the head wrap but how beautiful is this !!!!!! it just shows you dont need to use the whole material but incorporate it into your outfit.

La Lesso designs below at Cape Town Fashion Week:

Beyonce below wore the Nigerian kanga in one of her videos.

Even now we can count how many ladies have the Lesso print in their closet. It doesnt take much to have it. All you need is a tailor and fabric which will cost you like 200kshs per metre or more but unique thing is you have a one of a kind piece. So spare some money go buy material save and print pictures from this page, take to your tailor and hey presto in a week or less depending on your tailor you have a unique look. No need to go pay like ridiculous amounts at a boutique shop for somethin your tailor can do for you.

And lastly are some of my favourite designs i saw at by some designer.

 Have Fun with prints your guaranteed to look like no one else in the room!!!!!

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