Monday, 14 February 2011

The Grammy's: Ladies who stunned!!!!

The grammy's were yesterday and oh boy did the artists come out in full swing with fashion gloves ready to take on the best dressed belt and they dint disappoint. The grammy's are the time to have fun with your outfit you dont need to dress up in ethereal gowns like at the Oscars you can go risque or short and sweet. But by no means to we need to see wings on ur back ala Katy Perry or God knows what
There were some stunners and some shunners. Some who arrived in eggs and some who should have been hit with eggs. Some who were dipped in glitter and some who honestly glittered. Some who lit up the night and some who looked like they dressed in the dark.

Ladie who Stunned

Love her she does andrognous so well and to me looked so good. Just proves you dont have to wear a dress to look good. Girls should try the tuxedo style like Alexa Chung or for those who saw Sex and the City Sarah Jessica parker in the tux also looked amazing.

Janelle Monae

Selena Gomez for me was one of the best dresses, she kept it age appropriate, showed off her body and truly looked stunning. Another one for me was Sarah whom i thought would probably wear something black as per her previous track record but she chose a simple red gown that just looked good and kept her hair to a simple do, it was understated chic.

Sarah Barraelies
Selena Gomez

Rihanna showed off some serious skin in this Jean Paul Gaultier number i mean how daring can you get. There we loads of questions if she had any innerwear on but she did have nipple covers over her bossoms.One word DIVA. Kim Kardashian also went back to her roots of skin flashing glamour. Love the wavy her as per usual with minimal make up. I so would wear this!!!


Kim Kardashian
 The ladies below stunned in blue which looked so amazing on them. Keri Hilson kept it short and sweet while Ciara in Emilio Pucci went BANG!!! With a body like that and legs so long she worked that dress. loved the train and of course the cut outs which were in last season. Amazing.

Keri Hilson


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