Monday, 14 February 2011

The Grammys: Ladies who Shunned

         Of course like any award show there are those who just decide to show us their ill fated 'fashion style'. These fashion stylists should be fired i mean so they paid loads of money to make their employers look like S**T.

  I am all for having fun with your wadrobe her whole mantra of she doesnt want to be seen as a sex symbol (  though she should have though about that before massive attack) but come on for once do it classy. You may be wearing Givenchy but I know he has better dresses.

Nicki Minaj
She has this bohemian rocker kind of look but she just ruined this Roberto Cavalli gown. This should have been given to somebody older, she should have gone for a fresher look like her peer Selena Gomez guess money doesnt buy you style although last year she looked amazing.

Miley Cyrus

Heidi Klum some times does good sometimes does bad, in this instance it was bad. We get that you have an awesome body we really do but the skintight dress was just awful. Why dint she rock one of her many mini dresses that she likes to wear that would have been better. I honestly dont know what to say. Grama Funk those twins are really jumping out screaming to stop bein suffocated where was she goin, to a haloween party my God!!!!
Willow smith i get it, your young you like to experiment with fashion but honestly my little sister dresses so much better and am sure if i was to add all the money you have and give to her she will do much better. There are so many ways to do edgy when your young but this is not one way. For you Haley from Paramore it just looked like a tutu strapped onto a vest, Go Home!!!
Grandma Funk
Heidi Klum
Willow Smith

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