Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gloria Wavamunno

A Ugandan national who studied fine arts in the UK. She began showcasing her designs at Africa Fashion week in 2009. This was an honour for her as she was relatively new in the fashion industry. I love her style its amazing.
She has since been invited to show case at London Fashion Week at the international show and i would have loved to go but tickets were sold out but keep it here to see pictures from her latest collection and other african designers who were also asked to show case their clothes. 

I love the way her clothes are classic pieces such the strapless dress with a bubble skirt or the assymetrical dress but reinvented with african materials and african print. There are other designers who use African print but her clothes have that luxe and authentic feel to them.
Here are my picks from her first show.

Come 2010 and she had involved to doing jackets, jumpsuits and her classic strapless dresses but with sweetheart necklines this time and going for bold hues such as red.

Click Here to view her own personal Look Book she had last year!!

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