Friday, 18 February 2011

Cocktail Wear

I love coctktail events such as launches for stores becuase its a fun atmosphere not to official like a dinner sit down but more interesting than a lunch meeting. This is the chance women have play around with their looks to vary from jewel colours to a smart tuxedo suit if you are brave however you always end up seeing the same outfits cue the LBD. Am not saying the LBD is bad but come on ladies you can wear your bright hues or the neutral ones. Accessories also come into plcae for example if you wearing the LBD team it up with bold chains in blues or reds and a vibrant clutch. Play around with your looks there are no rules like you cant wear a two tone dress.
lets look at some loooks below.

1. Do ruffles.

2. Dazzle in white

If your like me then your probably scared of wearing white becuase you always think stay away from the red wine or the tomato sauce but white does look amazing especially when teamed with black. the Key with white is dont overshadow it with other colours like purple otherwise they will be competing but you can do plain colours like grey.

3. Wear print.

You dont have to always wear solid colour like red, purple play around with prints like tye-dye clothes or stripes. Always wear minimul accessories because you want the dress to shine on its own and print is always busy,

4. The Classic LBD
One thing i dont like when people do they LBD is that they also add black to it. You can be more creative for example by teaming it up with leopard print heels adding some va voom ( if you know what i mean)!!!!

5. Try Lace
The lace trend has hit with stars and the rest of us also trying it out. It was made popular by Dolce and Gabanna who if you you-tube there spring/summer show did laceonly and it was beautiful. Wearing lace is meant to bring out the romantic/feminine look in you and its perfect for cocktail events or even a dinner function. its versatile

6. Shine in bold hues.

brights are all the rage this season and most people dont like to try them for fear of standing out but isnt it better to stand out than be a wall flower.
Purple is a popular colour with people and when wearing an assymetrical dress you can also wear a necklace break the rules.

also try yellow like reese witherspoon in Nina Rici who wore yellow and red. I know some of you kenyans are like 'I will look like a Kamba' but thats why you keep the red accessories to a minimum. You could add the red heels but remove the earing and put yellow ones instead.

Fashion is about making your own rules you dont have to fit into a cookie cutter mold. So be bold!!!

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