Wednesday, 16 February 2011


            So just from watchin the BRITS and i loved tinie tempah's perfomance it was so electrifying i just got up and danced. So aside from that i was lookin at the fashion as usual as they came down the red carpet and the one thing i noticed was the british men really do know how to dress. yes they have their own quirky style but they know how to pull it off am comparing these to the american men who appeared at the grammy's such as adam levine who looked like he was dragged out of bed and others it was so disappointing not to say that they all did badly because Bruno Mars did look awesome with his quiffed hair.
           So lets have a look at the pics and feel free to comment on which you prefer!!!


My fave of the night was Tinie Tempah in that white tuxedo jacket and black edges matching with the white soles he looked so hot, guys this is how you dress part formal part informal. simple accessories like the bow tie make it look so good. see you can wear your sneakers after all !!! No one does geek chic like Tinie.

Taio Cruz
Mark Ronson

Dizzie Rascal

Matt Willis

Matt Cardle

Tinie Tempah
Peter Andre


The only one i can give a thumbs up to is Adam Lambert and Bruno Mars!!! Ricky martin seriously silver jeans come on we know your gay buy seriously. And as Joan Rivers said Justin just looked like he should be given a love heart with 2 rings on it and ta da a page boy so funny!!!

Adam Levine
Bruno Mars
Ricky Martin
Adam Lambert

Mark Salling
Justin Bieber


  1. I personally think the reason why American men do not dress well is because their clothes do not fit them well. They always look like the clothes are wearing them.

  2. I think the British dress well as a result of their culture while Americans..lets just say its one of those things there trying to pick up on

  3. I agree british men better coz of their culture they so experimental in their fashion.