Saturday, 26 February 2011

Black beauty LFW

     We cant talk about african theme in fashion without touching on the people who wear the clothes cue in models. In an industry where colour is all the rage and how black skin doesnt sell clothes or like recently the beyonce's controversial pictures called black face I was happy to see a current selection of black models on the catwalk at london fashion week. You may ask why am bothering to write about this but London has always been controversial as there are views that a very multi cultural city like london should reflect that in its models on the catwalk.

Click Here  to view an article by the Guardian in 2008 which was said to be very accurate.

     I am just happy to see the new faces cropping up on the catwalk aside from the usual Jourdan Dunn and hope the next big one will come from here so that they can give Naomi Campbell a run for her money okay maybe in a few years to come and carve a name for themselves. They may have not featured in big shows such as Burberry Prosurm or but I am happy that designers like Vivienne Westwood ( she always has black models and even fought for more inclusion of them) used them.

Here are the lovely ladies,

Ajak Deng

Topshop Unique

Todd Lynn
Akul De Mabior

Vivienne Westwood

Flaviana Matata

Mark Fast

Gaye McDonald

Jeneil Williams

Todd Lynn

Topshop Unique

Nyasha Matonhodze


Mary Katrantzou

Sass and Bide

Topshop Unique

Kinee Diouf

Todd Lynn

Mark Fast

Marios Schwab

Louise Gray

Leomie Anderson
Topshop Unique

Rachel Osbourne
Mark Fast
There are also other new face of black beauty; I was glad to see Melodi Monrose on the's website as one of the top 10 new fashion models. I would have preferred if there were more black models but hey thats their view.  Click Here to view the article.

Marc Jacobs

Click Here to also view Essence Magazine Top Black Catwalk Queen's.

Models do make the clothes they allow the clothes to speak volumes, designers usually say a model can either make or break a show and its true so give all models equal representation you could make a splash as the way i loved lanvin's collection of black beauties in their last shot of spring summer collection 2011 featuring Ajak Deng, Jeneill Williams, Ataui Deng, Jourdan Dunn and Melodie Monrose. Amazing!!

In 1973 when black models took to the runway the first time in France they received a standing ovation and it made such history to the point of in january this same event was commemorated. Click Here to see the article.

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