Friday, 4 February 2011


So spent a whole day in the house today utterly bored, not necessarily God knows i have so much to do from essays to disertations to conflicts with friends and to top it all running a business. Women are said to be the best at multi-tasking but all this is just hard work and yes i know hard work takes you far but the day i get to make millions i can then relax so on with the work. I thought what do i write about today do i cover another aspect of fashion week, do i cover a celebrity who has style or better yet the worst things celebrities can wear, and again am blank. Lets cover what makes women happy shoes, gorgeous shoes from Giuseppe Zanoti, Jimmy choo( which i hear has a sale) if only we could afford 400 dollars i would buy loads of them indeed or go the route of marrying a rich old man (oh hell now i can hear the voice of my mother in the back ground) but i would think she would adore the house i would buy her with the money. hehe. No i've changed my mind lets talk about fashion faux pas of celebrities on Kenya it always makes me smile and am sure others who are also reading but wont admit it. Let me bring an aspect of kenya to my blog it is my home after all.

Amani: who up and till recently either hired a stylist used to look very awful. Yes the clothes were good but not right for her body shape and till now somebody should tell her she has a pear shape. and anything hanging agaimst the tummy is not a good look. she should stick to tunic based tops and the shorts like what she wore at the MAMA's or better yet find some killer dresses.

  Avril: now this is a gone case. she cant seem to be able to pick any dresses right or even trousers or dress for a show. When you perfoming in front of an audience you want to wow them but also be able to dance. this combination was just awful. or in her video 'Chokoza' it looked like a dress paired with balck tights you could meet the girls with she should have switched dresses with her dancer the one in the red dress. or when she appeared on television wearing jeans and a sweater i mean really your meant to be an upcoming star you dont see other female stars do that.

Marya; another gone case. first it was the shorts then she switched to wet look leggings and court shoes which is her go to look for every event. Enough Said.

Wahu: where to start. from the bleached blonde hair or to the bad gold look or to the dancer with whom we can see her crotch. I have no words except no style.

And onto kenyan celebrities i think can dress well or can at least pose for pictures in the right kind of clothes.

Muthoni the Drummer Queen: I love her african inspired wear whenver she is on stage. She epitomises her music with her clothes and thats what i love. If you sing songs like suzzana owiyo then dress the part with african wear not in club wear i mean can you imagine suzzana singing in booty shorts and a tube top.

STL: I once watched her perfom at the coast and she looked amazing. She wore heels and an edgy dress and i finally thought somebody who is doin it right. She really dressed the part and din't go all baggy looking clothes just because she raps or any tacky shorts and boots. She just looked sexy as she always does.

Kenyan artists could take the lead from other african artistes who also dress the part like below.

Omawumi: a very accomplished nigerian musician who hardly puts a foot wrong be it a press event, album launch or her own videos she always looks amazing.

Asa: we all know Asa for her kooky looks but somehow which always works. This Marya is how you do leggings, heels and a top.

Am not saying that Kenyan female artists cannot dress if they tried am just sayin they need to improve. Amani did it and now she's on a billboard. Invest money in your clothes and you will see the investment will pay out. Its like going for a job interview you dont turn up wearing your clothes for going out, you turn up in a fitted suit or in a nice capped sleeved dress with opaque tights and heels. It is the same way for artists if you doing a press event or concert you dress the part not just show up in some clothes that look as if you dresses in the dark.

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