Monday, 21 February 2011

African Fashion: Michelle Ludek

    Began looking at pics of south african fashion week because we should be able to celebrate African Fashion.

    Its not easy to get pictures from fashion week in South Africa as it is to get let's say pics from New York fashion week because there are sites dedicated to them such as or which i think is one thing that should change. If you want your clothes to be universal and out there then put it as Michelle did on her website. Most fashion week pictures you have to pay for to access from certain websites which is fair enough but you must reconise that bloggers are the future of fashion. They will give credit to whoever took the pictures but through them do you really reach everyone which was emphasied at fashion shows where bloggers were reserved for seats seating next to celebrities. Enough rumbling lets look at fashion week in South Africa.

    In south africa they have 5 fashion weeks: Audi joburg. Durban, Cape town, Africa and SA  fasion week. There has been various issues concerning this with claims of other designers telling models not to be in sbd else's show or some fashion weeks stealing designers to showcase in their own. Came across this article which i found eye opening Click Here to read it.

Joburg fashion week has well began and one designer I really like is Michelle Ludeke. I loved the draping she used on her clothes, the various colours potrayed, the different pieces from the jumpsuit to the tunic and trousers.
    Read all about her such as her inspiration at her website. Click Here

Here are my picks of her collection from Cape Town Fashion Week Aug 2010,

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