Monday, 21 February 2011

African Fashion: Joburg Fashion Week

Continuing with the African theme i continued looking at Joburg Fashion Week and chose some of my favourite pics for the shows.

I loved her show because she sort of did the Mad Men style. The classic 50s house wife with the fitted top but tulle skirt which is very feminie. As you also know Louis Vuitton did this way last year and received rave reviews for it.


A show filled with loads of prints paired with opaque tights. Loved the black scarfs which could double as snoods, the gloves and the little lace seen on some skirts. The jackets were of various kinds from the blazer, faux far coats and coats with sequined panels. Love it!!! I would definitely wear some pieces in this collection. 


I loved the show becuase it looked like it had the ice feel like you were trapped in an ice castle due to the pastel colours such as the whites, creams and whites. There were also some greys and blacks towrads the end of the show and appreciated the fact that there was also mens wear included. The make up was dark with loads of black eye shadow but also transgressed to white with heavy white eye lashes i would think it was going from evil to angelic on the beauty side a sort of contrast with the clothes.


There was Leather mixed with soft colours such as cream or baby blue which was great. . If you also look closely you willl see the models wore heels with ankle socks a look that is also popular. All in all i liked it. Avery feminine look but paired with hard fabrics.



 The looks showed trench coats worn over tulle dresses which is the classic look for spring but does work for the autumn winter season too. I also like  the bubble dresses and the tiered ones two perfect cocktail wear looks. The cardigan worn over the dress was something i should try in the future soo cute!!!

Photos are courtesy Joburg Fashion Week Click Here

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