Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shoes for Every Ocassion

So today after a long weekend of mostly reading how BORING can it get i got some time to do shoes. each and every woman has to have specific shoes for every occassion from dinner parties to work and to dates each event has each shoe catered to it. some shoes do cross reference like going out shoes can also be work to cocktail parties.
i did a search around the internet for shoes for each occassion but you do have to really search through each and every shoe shop for the shoe you want so i came up with a compilation of the best shoes out there and you can draw inspiration and go out there and look for the shoes.
here are the categories of shoes i came up with
  • Court shoes
these are perfect for going to work but can also do a day to night look so easily.

Mary Jane shoes

Ballet Pumps

for those lazy days when you've gotten tired of your heels and just want to chill and relax.

Ankle boots or Shoe Boots

these usually give an outfit an edge, more if you want to rock adn outfit can be teamed up with uber short dresses or worn with skinny jeans or even full leggings.


dainty sandals can be worn to cocktail parties, dinner parties. they are for chic events.

Peep toe Shoes

these can be worn while going out at night or on dates

wedge shoes
mostly worn on holidays.

remember shoes are what you make them to be. you dont have to follow the rules you can mix and match there is no reason why you cant wear court shoes to a dinner or evn goin out shoes to somehere else. each woman is unique so have funw ith your closet.
I'll be adding more shoes later.

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